Simple Steps Replacing Toilet

How to Replace a Toilet With Your Own Hands (Easy Steps)

Replace the toilets is not a hard things to do now !.
Luckily, changing toilets is one of the simplest DIY projects. With patience, a few simple tools and a little strength, you can install a shiny, water-saving toilet in a few hours.

– Measuring tape
– Rubber gloves
– Small cup or old towels
– Adjustable wrench
– Putty knife
– Level
– Silicone caulk
– Replacement toilet (with accessories)


Don’t forget to measure the old toilet before removing it. Specifically, mark the distance from the wall to the center of the bolt that connects the base to the floor. Is the distance 12 inches? You are very lucky. Your toilet is a standard size.

Measue the toilet


Under the toilet water tank there is a water supply channel. Adjust the knob to stop the flow of water to the tank and rinse. Most likely, there is water left in the bowl, so wear rubber gloves and use a small cup (to remove it) or use some old towels (to absorb everything).
water suply line toilet


The easiest way to get your old toilet out of the shower is in two stages. Lets we Start with a water tank and end the bowl. To separate the water tank from the bowl, loosen the bolt connecting the two parts, then lift the water tank to remove it, or place it on an old towel or cardboard.

To remove the bowl, please open the cover that covers the cabinet bolt (bolt that goes to the floor). Next, remove the nuts from these bolts and shake the bowl carefully to remove the wax seal from the bottom.


When the bowl feels loose, lift it. The putty knife must remove the old wax seal from the flanges under the bowl. Clean everything clean to prevent sewer gas from entering your room, and put the cloth in the drain (or cover it with plastic attached).
Evaluate the flange (ring under the wax seal), after that if conditions are good, just ignore it. If damaged, you can repair the damaged area with a repair label provided by your local home improvement center. If the condition of the flange does not seem to be fixed, arrange for the plumber to replace it.


The process of installing a replacement toilet is the same as the above process, but the opposite. First, place a new candle ring around the hole in the bottom of the toilet (purchase with you). But you have to make sure the tapered face of the seal is facing the toilet.

Place New Wax Rings

Place the bowl on the cabinet bolts and don’t forget to Carefully tighten the nut to the proper position on the bolt, but make sure there is still enough clearance between the nut and the toilet seat and then shake the bowl back and forth to secure the wax ring, then gradually tighten the bolts on one side and the other side.

Place the bowl on the toilet

And dont forget to use a spirit level to make sure the bowl is not placed sideways. Fix it with a spacer before tightening the bolt for the last time. But be careful not to overtighten the bolts. It is well known that the toilet will rupture during this process.

Place it your rubber gasket in the toilet and place the tank directly above. Make sure to align the bolt holes that will connect the bowl and the tank, then move forward and tighten the nuts on these bolts.

Remove old gasket

Finally, reconnect the water supply channel, place a small silicon powder on the bottom of the toilet and refill it. are you ready!


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