The Most Minimalist’s Guide to All-White Holiday Design

The Most Minimalist’s Guide to All-White Holiday Design

White Living Room Themes
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The terms “holiday decoration” and “minimalism” are inherent from each other. One of them is about filling every corner of your house with lively trinkets. And others that support a fresh, clean and careful aesthetic above all. These things must be mutually exclusive – right?

The choice of decoration The holiday season will be different. Although many store shelves are lined with fancy pieces in a lively palette, some of your favorite brands have a truly elegant and all-white Christmas decoration (and Hanukkah decorations are all white too).

In addition to the classic white tree skirt and snowflake wreaths that you might see on any holiday choice, this year’s offer discusses the minimalism taken by every piece of decoration you want to buy. White stockings make a lasting addition to any home. White bouquets offer unexpected turns on staples that value time. The most colorful real holiday decorations – ornaments – are available in sleek and all-white iterations.

The pieces offered are restrained enough to fill your home, but they are not so quiet that they are lacking in classic holiday pleasures. Each item offers the comfort of a warm holiday, without risking chaos – plus a minimalist color palette makes most of the décor feel neat too.


If a vacation doesn’t feel like a vacation without ubiquitous red and green trinkets, it doesn’t need to be rotated. But if you have been looking for ways to maintain a unique look while you are on vacation, the industry has given you the opportunity to prepare it on a silver plate – ahem, white.

white tree skirt West Elm Felt Stars Tree Skirt
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This star-lined tree skirt feels rustic, cunning, and festive at once – a perfect addition to any collection of minimalist decorations.

CB2 Luster Cacti Ornaments, Set of 4
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Cacti might not be the obvious choice for a winter vacation. But there’s no harm in dreaming of warmer weather, right?

Anthropologie Fabric Evergreen Tree Stocking Holder


Those who don’t want to commit to a full-sized Christmas tree can appreciate this miniature choice. The rough edges give a kind of DIY charm. Plus, it’s perfect for holding stockings.

Anthropologie Snowflake Garland


Snowflake bouquets are a classic addition to any holiday decoration collection. Traditional decoration that fits the typical minimalist aesthetic boundaries? Don’t mind if we do it.

white ornament World Market White Wooly Deer Ornament


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